Thursday, August 22, 2013

Open Shelf Kitchens...

So yesterday morning I got up at 4:30.
I had been lying in bed thinking about re-doing my kitchen.
and how I should do it.
Remember, I'm a budget girl and am pretty cheap when I wanna be.
so, I went to Pinterest for ideas and resources.
I love Pinterest. I really, really love Pinterest.
Here are the ideas I came up with

notice anything?
yep, they're all open shelving.
I gave myself a ridiculous budget of 200.00.
It was really just to challenge myself to see if I could do anything with my kitchen for that amount of money.
This is what I was working with.
What I hate about this kitchen:
1) all that little s*&% (stuff) everywhere
2) no molding on top of the cabinets
Actually, there really isn't much I like about this kitchen.
but, remember, I've given myself a 200.00 budget.
the doors are coming off.
I took a poll on FB on whether or not I should do this.
Interestingly enough it was 50/50.
You either gotta have this look, or you hate it.
My thoughts were this.
It's cheap to do.
It's doesn't have to be permanent.
I could do it myself.
It's fast. (and those of you who know me know I don't like to take a long time doing anything.

So, let's get started.
First I went to Home Depot to get wall brackets.
I found these awesome corbels.
(probably my favorite thing I did)
I purchased 6 of these for 75.00 but only used 4.
next I went to Target for some new plates.
I was going to do all white, which I had, but when I saw this russet color, I thought a little pop of color would be nice
plus, the plates we were using were just plain uncomfortable (if there is such a thing)
this came under my "want" category, so it didn't apply to my budget.
next up.
Container Store
 I needed wanted new mixing bowls, so I found these.
Also not included in my budget.
I also found these.
I included these in my budget because I felt like I needed them.
Next I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
Busted my budget on stuff I neither needed or wanted...hum.
I couldn't wait to get started!!!
By now it was 1:00.
First I took the doors off.
Wait, let me back up.
Have I told you that these cabinets are absolutely the cheapest, yuckiest cabinets ever made?
Why in the world am I salvaging them?????
Remember, I'm cheap (when I wanna be)
In our defense we did not pick them out....I would have NEVER picked out these cabinets.
They were here when we purchased this condo 12 years ago.  and I just don't want to sink a lot of money into something that I wouldn't get out if we sold the place.
so, let's get back on track.
I decided only to do a section of the kitchen.
This is the rest of it.
 goodness, gracious alive.
behind those doors is going to lurk a mess.

First I unloaded these cabinets.  I really can't believe I'm showing this mess.
All of this stuff is going to be neatly organized and/or moved to my "behind closed doors" cabinets.
Then I removed the doors.  I also removed the doors next to this hideous microwave.
I then took this:
and tried to putty the holes.
with my finger.
that wasn't workin out too well so I remembered this Popsicle stick that "W" left next to the couch.
so I took that used Popsicle stick and really dug into the holes.
and smoothed with a putty knife.
(I'm not happy with how this turned out, so this will be revisited.)
 next, I organized and decorated.
I put things on the open shelves that I use a lot i.e. my grandmother's salad bowl, plates, wine glasses :)
but also that I knew I could keep straight and neat.

 these are the baskets I found at the Container store.  I also found these Lazy Susan's.
I like how the wood looks against the white while not looking too sloppy like a spice cabinet usually does.
note:  clean out your spice cabinet AT LEAST once a year.  This will keep you from purchasing multiple items.  Y'all, I found spices from 10 years ago.  I'm serious.
So, all of my "ugly" spices and stuff that I don't use all the time went into these baskets.


stuff that wasn't too obtrusive, but used all the time, went on the other side.
now it was time to attach the corbels.
I painted them white.
and wouldn't you know it, there was no way possible to attach them to the wall. Believe me, I tried.
So, I got gorilla glue and glued them.  I know it's rigging it, but what was I to do?
I wanted my corbels.
finally the finishing touch.
I had purchased these awesome Belgium bread bowls from Scotts.
Since there is no molding on top of these cabinets.  Seriously?  I mean who forgets that?
And adding that would require getting someone out to do it, I chose to put these massive bowls above the cabinets.
This is how you transport stuff in a condo....
so, I am finished with the first step of this kitchen up-do.
Time for "W" to come home.
He walks in and said "where are the doors to the cabinets?"
I'm like "what, you don't like it?"
he said "yeah, but there aren't any doors"!
now, I've decided to do a couple of things extra.
First I am definitely adding crown molding.
I may have glass put in the spice cabinet doors and put them back on.
Also, I may paint the backs and sides the grey color of the wall.  That's a big may.
I also think I'm going to change the pulls on the drawers to a cup pull.
I may add a pendant light fixture over the island.
Finally, that hideous microwave has got to go.  y'all.

have a great day!!!

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  1. This looks awesome!!!!
    I am so a "hmm, I think I want to change this TODAY" kind of girl. I totally relate to that- and my hubs now is like, "okay, it'll be different next week anyway!".

    I love it!