Monday, February 20, 2012

Annie Sloan - a re-blog!

Yep, I'm doin a "reblog"
only because Annie Sloan paint caused a bit of a "stir" yesterday on facebook for some reason.
I think everyone's ready to re-do a bunch of stuff and what better way than to do it with
Annie.  Did you know that she's my new best friend?
Anyway, I want to show you the before's and after's of Jordan's bedroom again.

First we started with this cabinet that she dislikes immensly
I chose Old Ochre
Paint it completely (no need to prime or sand)
Add a clear wax and then a dark wax on top, rubbing it down to the desired stain color.
Scroll down for complete directions on this
then we chose to paint the dark bedside tables Annie Sloan stark white.  Again - no prepping!

I found these cute little benches at Target and recovered them

And here it is! The drapes are now hung but I'm not there to take pics :(

now on to the mudroom.  yikes, this was drivin me crazy.  It was the first thing you see when you walk into the house from the garage.  Very 80's stain

I chose French Linen for this project

First I took the doors off and painted, then waxed with clear wax and a light coating of the dark wax

And here it is finished!

Now for the tutorial.  I started with some ceramic lamps that I didn't like. You can use any texture with this stuff, even an outdated brass lamp!

Old Ochre again

this was after one coat

I covered it with the clear wax using a sponge brush

this is what it looks like after the wax is applied (yummy)

then I scuffed it up a bit

now I applied the dark wax with a sponge brush

at this point, this is what it looked like

then I rubbed it all down and added a shade!

And there ya have it kiddos!
to find a dealer near you!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
(OH still waiting on bebe)


  1. thanks wanted to see how it worked and final results..

  2. Kendall I love how your daughters room is transformed!! The lamp as well, what a miracle paint!

    Art by Karena