Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's See!

Where am I and what am I doing here?
Seriously, I woke up wondering where I was.  Do you ever do that?
Anyway I woke up with the chickens this morning.
4 a.m.!!! yep. bright and early ready to get this day movin!
I feel like a vagabond not knowing where I'm going to be at any given moment.
This week I have gone to Atlanta for two nights, back here for one and now heading back to Atlanta for the week for Scott Antiques.
uhummm L5102 remember that booth location! THE SOUTH BUILDING (the one outside 285)
We will be back by the food court and the bathroom so it may take some lookin unless you really gotta go pee.  Oh and eat.  Did I mention the food there?  I seriously go there just for the baklava.
SOOOOO.  I have two new paintings that I will be showing at Scott's
You know, that drives me crazy.  It's SCOTT Antiques not Scott's, but I always wanna say Scott's.
Anyway, my car will be packed to the rim with art, a chair, a table, luggage, and a dog..
So here are the new paintings
"A Peaceful Moment"
18 x 24 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

"Spring Trees"
a diptych
36 x 36 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
I will also have many, many others, including my entire dress series.
If you come and mention that you read my blog, you get a 10% discount!
How's that????

OH WAIT, now I know what I was going to blog about today!
my favorite blogs!
Some of which I follow religiously and you would LOVE them.
2 of them I advertise on.
First up
Design Chic
this mother/daughter duo has got it goin y'all.
they are the cream of the crop when it comes to design.
You will love them
next up?
also got her blog/act together.
next.  And she's my old fave and I like to call her my friendy Slimmy
and finally
Holly over there is an amazing writer and I've follow the process of the building of her new home.
She's amazing!!! (she also has an online store)
you really don't want to miss these four blogs.
They are da bomb

Have a wonderful day y'all!
hope to see you at Scott's!!!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. To the Blogger that just intentionally tried to ruin my reputation on my blog. I have deleted your remarks because I have no idea what you are talking about (or who you are). 1978 was a very long time ago and I prefer to move on instead of re-living my childhood. Whomever it is you are talking about, I am truly sorry if I hurt them. But I truly have no idea who it is or what you are talking about. Please keep your negative comments off my blog. I have the choice to chose who and what goes onto this blog and yours will be blocked if you say anything negative again.
    Thank you and hope you have a glorious day

    1. My intent was not to ruin your reputation Kendall. I was facebooking and went to your blog and when I read the other commenti remembered my friends hurt and how she said in her heart she knew better than to trust that you would ever be nice to her much less care about her.childhood? Kendall we had graduated high school. Again the intent was not to ruin anyone. Like I said the other bloggers post reminded me that people can say things and have a Hugh impact on people. She would absolutely die if she knew I posted this. But she's my friend of 30 years and I remember her hurt. I'm sorry I let my feelings run amuck.

  3. We are thrilled to be included on your list of "favorite" blogs - you know that goes both ways!! Hope you have great success at Scott Antiques - know you will have fun. Sorry for the blog spoiler this morning...don't you just hate when people do that?!!

  4. Kendall,
    You would be an exception if there was not something that you did in your past that you were not 100% proud of in some way. I know there are several in mine; an unkind word, entering in on gossip I heard, NOT being sensitive to the feeling of others. But thanks goodness I grew up and there is this thing called GRACE. And who I might owe an apology to or not has all been taken care of between me and my God who has new mercies for me each day because I ask. Eighteen I was so silly, so self-absorbed, but thought I wasn't. Being a little older than you, I was all about "peace and love" but didn't really understand the heart sacrifice that went along with my hippy-dippy cool ways. We grow up in spite of ourselves. If you did do something unkind, gosh you are human and need a Savior like the rest of us. Poor person! To think that they have been carrying something in their heart for all this time is tragic. They are the ones that need help. They are the ones that need to understand forgiveness. Forgiveness is for our own sakes. She needed to forgive you IF and I say IF (wasn't there, don't know the story) you were unkind. How can she expect God to forgive her if she cannot forgive you after 30 years? Bless her heart. How sad she must be to have been troubled all this time. There have been times I have been hurt by friends and it has taken time for me to get over. It was hard, but my job to do. Lets just ask God to heal her heart on this matter and mean it. And continue to ask God anytime it comes to your mind again. And it is never bad for us, speaking as Christian sisters, to be reminded the damage out tongues can do without even knowing about it. NOW Let it go, Kendall I promise your reputation has not been compromised a whit I said I promise!
    Old Vestavia person

  5. Kendall,
    I do enjoy reading and following your blog, but I have to say that being bullied can manifest into a lot of anger and lifelong misery. My son too was devastated by bullying when he was 17. I wanted to hurt these boys so bad but I try to remember that they were young as well.I want to, however, tell them that they need to apologize (although that is not what my son would want). The damage is done and has affected my son's mental health which has in turn affected his life. I want these men to be self-aware of what was done, to reach out to others, speak to high school kids, volunteer with a suicide help line.
    It is unfair that you don't know what this person is referring to. At least anonymous had the courage to apologize. And yes, this might be something better done in private so that you can make amends and both heal. I am not a Christian but believe in doing what is right because it is the right thing to do.