Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Baby Alert"!!!

Sorry to startle you, but we are stuck here with still no bebe.  The only end we see in sight is tomorrow when she goes for her checkup.  We WILL have a baby by Tuesday we know that for sure.
Only problem? "W" won't be here with us all :(.  He has to be in Washington (as in the state)
so he will have to see her when he gets back.
Okay, so last night was super dooper fun.  We all ate back at our old stompin grounds
New York Pizza.  When I say it is THEBESTEVERPIZZA I mean it y'all.
All 10 of us.  And can I tell you a little secret?  My youngest Callen has got a few little surprises goin on that I can't really blog about but will soon.  One I know I can blog about is that
she has a really cool modeling gig today!
She is rockin it Callen style and it all has to do with all of my sweet friends like you who have prayed over her for all these months.  Great things happen when you least expect them!
Anyway,  what else is up with me? Not much y'all!
oh, last night Gregory said he thought my blog yesterday was "How to Make a Baby".
I promise I will NOT tell you how to do that.
We all got a big laugh outta that one!
take care and have a beautiful day y'all.


  1. My Mother always said, "Company is coming and they are not leaving!" That is a wonderful thing in this case!