Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Something Old Becomes New Again

I'm going to stray away from art for a bit and address something that happened here on my blog yesterday.
Something hurtful and painful.
Someone wrote something and said that I had done something from 1978 that still impacted a friend of hers.
Even though I haven't a clue who this person is or what she is talking about, I apologized.
Childhood.  First of all I wasn't a child, I was 18 years old.  I didn't live where she said it happened at that time but that really doesn't matter.  See as time goes on, people change, move on, forget things, forgive things.  This person said that I "bullied" her friend into contemplating suicide.  It was a slanderous comment that I personally did not want to share with my friends on here.   I will tell you that I never recall bullying someone in my lifetime. I feel I was a free spirit, laughing, fun loving teen.  If anything, I was the one to be "bullied"because I could care less what people said about me!  But does any of that really matter now?
I mean seriously folks, it's been 34 years ago.  If I did something as a teenager that someone remembers 34 years ago, I am just terribly sorry, but does that make me a bad person now?  I don't think so.  I am proud of the decisions that I have made through out my life.  I work really hard, have a wonderful marriage and am proud of the way "W" and I have raised our kids. My Heavenly Father takes my hand daily and guides me through it.
I'm nice.
I choose not to relive things that may or may not have happened way back 30 something years ago.
I deleted her first message but left the second one up for all to read.
You can make your decision about me on this one.
But, until that person comes forward and quits hiding behind "anonymous", she will be blocked from writing on my blog.
I would like to know who you are "anonymous" so I can address this hurtful thing I did to your fried via e-mail and not on my blog.
You can reach me at
Thank you to all of my faithful readers!
I care about each and every one of you so much!
Have a wonderful day y'all!
I'm off to Scott Antiques
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  1. Kendall, so sorry someone tried to comment on something that should have been done privately. I only know you through the blog and you seem like an honest, loving and generous person.


  2. Wow, Thirty something years and they still want let it go...You do not have a mean bone in your body. Sounds like someone out there is SUPER jealous of you and your life. They need to get a life . Plus, anyone who hides behind anonymous is not a good person at all...People make misstakes all the time..It is the ones that come out and admit when they are wrong that have a backbone...Don't let this person get to you one bit..They are not worth your time or energy.....I will pray for this person...She needs it!! Hopefully, the person she is talking about has gone and received counseling... P.S ,,Hope you sale a bunch of paintings...

  3. I'm sorry that someone is trying to bully you in such a cowardly way (how ironic that they are accusing you of bullying their friend, when they are clearly attempting to bully). It seems you have a lovely life and some people cannot handle watching others be happy and succeed. I really enjoy your blog and the stories you share, whether it's about your art, travels, grandkids or how to paint furniture. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kendall, Don't have a blog so not sure how comments work but wrote you a long note but posted on yesterday's blog comments after going back and reading the post you were referring to. Did not know if you would see it or not without me calling it to your attention on todays comments. Not all anonymous are bad people hiding (i.e. Cindyboo22 reference above) as I always comment on your blog that way or old Vestavia neighbor. I think when your Mom was so sick I can't remember whether I was Anonymous 1 or 2 ,as I remember someone else was the other. I do it NOW because who I am is unimportant as It is the words I try to share with you that I want to matter. But in the beginning I was a novice and did not have a google account or didn't know any other way to do it. It just kinda stuck. Any who read my today's post comment on yesterday's post, thanks!

    1. Totally agree about the "anonymous". I never mind if folks want to write under anonymous.. I have been told that it is hard to comment on my blog, so anyone is welcome to comment under anonymous! Thank you for your words of wisdom - kb

  5. What?! They must have you confused!! Nicest girl I know :) xo kristy

  6. Thank yo to all to coming to my defense. It really is not a big deal. I just want to pray for this person, say I am sorry for what I have or have not done and move one. I'm sure at one time in my life I bullied and have been bullied. I KNOW that I have NEVER ever tried to conviece someone to "end it all'. That is not my character at all. Like I said "I wall beside God every day and he holds my hand"
    Many blessings you guys! and thank you again!

  7. You need to change your settings so people cannot post anonymously! And yes, I'm choosing to post this anonymously.

  8. Hey Kendall,
    THis post has stuck in my mind. I read a few blogs daily, yours being one of them. Another is a blog of a Mom who's sweet young daughter has cancer. "People ain't gone do right"!!! About a week before reading your post, the other blog had a similar post about someone anonymously posting a mean , hateful comment. I'm so sorry, your blog brings great pleasure to many. You and my fellow blogger Kate are wonderful woman with huge hearts! Happy Valentines' week!!!