Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ways to Induce Labor

It is exactly 3:50 a.m. Birmingham time and I am WIDE awake.  I can't sleep.  I have been hoping all night I would get a knock on the door from J saying "MY WATER BROKE" or "I'M IN LABOR" nope to both of those.
OH COME ON BABY CATE.  And don't say "she'll come when she's good in ready.  That's been said more that enough.
So, you can see
1) how anxious we all are
2) how desperate we all are
3) how bored I am that I would be up at 3:50 (Birmingham) time googling how to bring on labor
this is what I found we could do
hey, desperate times call for desperate measures huh.
1) put balsalmic vinegar on everything - hum, I think she does this anyway.
2) bumpy car rides
3) simulate galloping on a horse. (I think this day may be fun)
4) bounce sitting on a ball
5) eat Chinese food
6)  Dancing.  (I keep telling her to do her plies but she won't!)
7) Walk that baby outta there, and walk some more.  And make sure there are some hills around to walk up and down
8) Castor oil - (I just made a vomit sound)
9) some pill called the golden seal
10) eat eggplant
11)  evening primrose oil
12)  natural licorice
13)  bending on all fours and swing your legs back and forth
14)  sex.  OHGOODGRIEF I mean REALLY?????
15)  oregano
16)  spicy foods - we may go eat Mexican tonight instead of pizza

I'll admit, I tried a remedy when I was 39 weeks with Callen.
I won't recommend it because it didn't bring on labor, but it did elevate my blood pressure so much that I had to be induced! Hey, it was 100 degrees during the day and I was as ready as a pressure cooker
I ate almost a whole jar of horseradish (on crackers mind you)
Stupid but it worked.  And she's done great in her 24 years on earth.
Any suggestions y'all?
Have a great morning!


  1. Oh the poor thing! J must provide a warm and loving space to grow those babies. :) I can't imagine being overdue as my two kids came into the world 5 days and 8 days early, both in a blaze of fury. That being said, I was told at 36 weeks the first one could come anyday and I was READY (100 degrees in the August heat makes a preggo lady crazy). I say spicy foods, lots of walking and yoga (or those plies you were discussing). Good luck!

  2. Why doesn't her Dr. just induce? That would be the most obvious thing to do...well, at least to me it would. I know she is so ready!


  3. Kendall, when I was pregnant with Emily and wanted her to arrive far away from Christmas as I could get know she and Greg both share the same birthday...any way, I ate ginger. Either in liquid form such as ginger ale or in spice form. She did come early, but only by one day. I'm praying for Jordan and Cate! Can't wait to see her too!

  4. cod liver oil worked for me but I ended up burping up fish throughout my labor-yuck!