Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Over!

Well almost.  Spotlight on Art finished up with astounding results.  They had such a great show this year and broke all the records from years past.  They definitely broke MY record! I think I sold 8 or 9  pieces.  yeahhhh!
Now let me tell you how organized these gals (and guys) are!
Simply amazing. The show ran like a well oiled machine.
So now I get to pick up any unsold pieces from them.
Scott's is still goin on today (until 4) and we will be giving great deals on the work that is left!!!
Not really sure how I'm going to juggle myself today.
So far the Scott show was SO worth it, that I am going to do it again next month.
and, it was so much fun!!!
I have about 9 of my dress series left, and a few other pieces that you may ponder.
and so does David!
So come on buy (no pun intended...well maybe)
We'll be there with bells on!!!
have a great day y'all!
Remember L-10 (in back of the food court and restrooms)
and inside where it's warm.  What the heck happened to our beautiful weather?
OH! Scott's opens at 10.
and just to give you some scoop, the other venders said it was very slow for them, so you may get great deals from them as well!


  1. Boy, that was well worth it - hope you sell lots more today!!

  2. I wish I lived nearby:( but Western Canada would be a bit of a trek!