Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Had the Best Valentines Day EVER!!!

First of all VD is not my favorite little holiday (it's not really a holiday).  It just seems so contrived. 
"W" knows that I can't stand to go to dinner and see rows and rows of couples all dressed up to the nines.
Don't I sound like a fresh bouquet of roses this morning?
"W" knows me oh too well!  First of all he knows that I don't like just roses.  I like a beautiful mixture of ALOT of flowers.  He also knows that  I don't like my lilies to be open because they die too soon.
So, this is what he brought me home last night (I'm back in Atlanta).
He and I both don't really care to do the "dinner thing"
SO, he surprised me with dinner and a movie. The Vow.  Can I tell you how good Channing Tatums butt looks on the big screen.  WOW.  Go, just to get a look at it.  I wish I had a clicker (I'm sure every other woman in the theater did too, to rewind and play that again and again)
I had never heard of one of these, but you go to the movie and they have tables where you eat dinner.
And ya know what? I wore blue jeans! yippppppeeeee!
When I got in the car, there was a bottle of perfume that he had to hunt down.  It was a bottle of perfume I used to wear 30 years ago.  He really, really had to look for that stuff as it was on backorder everywhere.
Is he not the sweetest EVER????
He gets an AAAAAA++++++ this Valentines Day.
Hope yours was just as wonderful!
Have a great day y'all
I'm going to go hit the tennis ball!

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