Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sassy Sunday (big girl style)!

You know, Sassiness isn't just for little girls.  Big girls can be sassy too!
I love looking sassy.  A little edgy at times.  I tend to be an artsy dresser, anything big that flows is my style.
 At any rate.  Here's some sassy photos for all you "sassy women" out there
what a great Mother of the Bride/Groom dress, don't you agree?

is Tiffany blue ever going to go out of style?  Let's hope not

wow. I can hear my aunt right now saying "now that's sassy"

pretty, love the shoes

this bolero has just the perfect amount of "artiness" for me.  It may be in the basket soon.


Oh how I love these shorts.  I so wish my body would fit it them.  Oh to be young again!
and who doesn't love a Tiffany box?

I must have weddings on my mind for some reason!

I realize that this doesn't exactly fit in the "sassy" category, but I must have these.

and these.  oops, I forgot I have a heel spur, don't think these would work

passionately in love with this ring.

and the earrings

who said sassy can't be sexy?
have a great Sunday y'all!


  1. Love these sassy styles and the second and third dresses are perfect in my book...happy Sunday!!

  2. im all about big and flowing to ..but only to hide my flowing out of places curvey bulges lol