Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Sassy Saturday"

When I was little and all dressed up in a pretty little dress (which my mom virtually insisted on every day)
my Godmother would say "now doesn't she look "sassy".
I loved that she said that because it always made me feel prissy and pretty.
Now I make Evey's dresses and they have to swing.  She swings around and around all day in them!
I love that!
First, you need to know how to tie the bow correctly to get the perfect amount of "sassiness"

add a little funkiness!

try on a few dresses to find the perfect one!

I need these old patterns!

now this is Sassy!

be in a wedding with ALL of your friends

model with a mannaquin.  Very cute

hang them to dry

isn't this adorable?

be a princess for a day! (or forever)

J. Crew = a purchase in my future

this is going to be made by me!

have a luxurious princess party

have fun with your friends

and wear lots of ruffles

Don't you feel a little more "sassy" now?
Have a great Saturday y'all!

1 comment:

  1. love this blog..i love little fancy dresses on my grandaughter and she does too..she would wear them 24/7.when she comes to visit she put on fashion show so i try to have new things for her to try..thanks goodness for thrift stores..people drop off the cutest things!