Thursday, February 16, 2012

White Flowers

I realize I'm posting twice in one day but I had to get that gross picture of my major cut on my back
abrasion off the screen.  It's getting worse as the day goes on so, I may be visiting my Dr. tomorrow.
Jordan just poured peroxide on it and I thought I was gonna faint.  Pictures of men having raw alcohol poured into their limbs after taking a bullet (on the big screen) ran through my head.  I'm such a baby.
Anyway, I know I've told you a million times that I'm about to put a series of dresses in my favorite little boutique in Homewood, Alabama.
So....I went by there today to take pictures of the shoppe for you to see just how beautiful it is! I gotta say, the iphone takes some pretty darn good shots!
Here we go!

Diana the owner!

and I had to make a little purchase for Baby Cate (and I wanted you to see how they wrap!)

12 paintings will go in on March 1st!
Hope you'll stop by and take a look at this lovely shoppe!
have a great afternoon y'all!


  1. Wish they had that beautiful store when I lived in Homewood!!! Very Pretty!!!

  2. What a pretty shop!