Thursday, February 16, 2012


oh boy,,,,,did a Mac truck hit me or what?  K-rawled out of bed this morning. Sore, very sore.
And to add insult to injury (and I'm speaking literally), I tripped over my suitcase in the dark and fell on a sewing machine and into a closet door.
just thought I'd gross you out with the pic
that's my back.
What a wakeup call!
Poor "W" JUMPED out of bed, you know cause it's quite early here,,,5:00, to check on me.
Bad injury, a 6" scrape down the side.  It looks a lot worse than it is, and it feels a lot worse than it is,
but any deeper and I would be at the ER.  Not really sure what exactly gave me the scrape, but it huts bad y'all.  Wow!  When did I become such a wimp????
So, Jordan's due date is February 21st.  She is anticipating Baby Cate to be making her grand appearance late and I'm thinking she will be too.  J looks adorable and looks just like a basketball is in her tummy.  Everywhere else she looks completely normal!
I simply cannot wait!!!
Oh, I sold 4 dress paintings yesterday, so those of you who bought them, please be patient with me on delivery.  I will be shipping them out on Friday, unless Cate decides to come today, and then it would be probably 2 weeks.  At any rate, I'm heading home today because I'm not anticipating anything to happen.
Evey and Bennett are doing the cutest things lately.
Go over to Jordan's blog and read about them.
They are hilarious.
I will tell you one thing Evey said.  "Mommy, how is Dr. Barrett going to get baby Cate out of your belly"
Jordan laughed (okay Evey is 3 1/2 what DO you say to that?) and said, "she's just gonna pull her out!"

Have a fabulous day y'all!  I've gotta go tend to this wound of mine.


  1. This photo of you family is BEAUTIFUL!! I am not a bit surprised you dress paintings are flying off the shelf. I am going to try to save for my own!! You are one beautiful and talented lady! xo

    1. and you are one sweet new friend!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Ouch is right...that's not the way you want to start your day. You have the most beautiful this image!! Can't wait for baby Kate to get here - you know we thought baby Will was going to be early and 8 days post due date he made his arrival...

  3. Meant to say how excited I am about your 4 sales...amazing!! You are one busy lady ~

  4. my thanks goes out to my two wonderful advertisers!!!
    thank you so much my two new sweet friends!!!