Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As Promised!!!!

Well, we made it down to "the beach" yesterday in fine fashion!
We seriously could not get another thing in the car...
and that's the truth.

It was actually rather uneventful, at least the last part.
We did hear "are we there yet from "lil B" 5000 times.

First stop?
Chilton County, for some ohsoyummy peaches.
If you have never gone to Peach Park (Durbin Market) in Clanton, Alabama, do it.
If your from the South, chances are you have been here.
The peaches are THE best ever grown, I can promise you that.
and,,,since I'm a big veggie lover, I had to depleat my wallet a little more.

they also have tons more goodies!

 picking out their favorites and eating it right in the store....

 yum. perfect for boiling!

 Back in the (packed) car, headed to our favorite picnic place!
the first guy we met.

this is Florala, Alabama.  A perfectly peaceful place to picnic!

and text....

 It was such a wonderful trip down here.
Now we are staying in a terrific condo here, thanks to a friend of mine!!!
Let the festivities begin!!!

Have a wonderful day ya'll!


  1. Those kiddos are growing like weeds! I swear, every time I see pictures of them they look so much older! Y'all have fun at the beach!! :)

  2. I agree with you Amy, especially Bennett! He doesn't have that baby face anymore. The previous post had pics from you guy's beach trip last year and his face has really become a handsome little man face! Such adorable kids....all three of them!