Thursday, July 4, 2013

What to do at a Rainy Day at the Beach....hum....

Well, our trip looks like it may rain the enitre time.
Being cooped up with 3 little ones might prove to be well lets say. Fun?
Well, we will make it that way at least!
Yesterday we had a great time.
While we couldn't make it down to the beach., (seriously it was a monsoon)
flash flood warnings and everything.

After a few trips to the grocery store, we headed to Walmart.
Hey, it's what you do down here, ya know?
To pick up a few toys for the kiddos (indoor ones)
Remember this?
The Easy Bake oven.
 They've changed the style (rats).
I seriouly loved mine.  and I'm not kidding, it made the best chocolate cake ever....
but then again, I was only 6.

the chocolate chips cookies were pretty good too!

 my lil buddy

finally we took a pajama party ride to the gold course to run around.
Since it was too wet to play golf, we figured we were safe :)

on to cooking our goodies from Peach Park 
 whole fried okra
 fried green tomatoes
 oh yummy
 sauteed beef tips
Perfect Southern style...

have a wonderful "dry" day y'all!!!
happy, happy 4th!!!!

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