Friday, July 5, 2013

Well, the Best Laid Plans.....

Have turned out to be a total BUST...

Not only did it rain yesterday (actually a monsoon)
today, and tomorrow will be the same.
Absolutely 1 hour of a break to get to go to the beach.
even the fireworks were cancelled.
we did get in a little fun!!!

So, what do you do at the beach when it's a totally disaster outside?

You can't go to the beach due to lightening strikes.
You can't play golf due to lightening strikes.
You can't play tennis because courts are like a lake.
You're kindof of house bound with 3 kids and 5 adults.
Boy did the weather man get this forecast wrong!
Day before yesterday he said a 40% chance of rain.
He has upped it to 100% chance....for the next three days.
You really should see the weather out there right now.  I't 5:00 a.m. and horizontal rain.

We were however able to play with a few sparklers.

have a happy weekend ya'll!!!!

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  1. We had a rainy day at the beach and took the kids here (in Destin): it was small and nothing fancy but a good hour or hour and a half of indoor fun. Lots for the kids to touch and play with. There's a fishing museum near it too but we didn't go there.