Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Designer Handbags....

Okay, I'll admit.
I'm addicted to designer handbags.
I know, I know.
A ridiculous expense.
Well, if you think about it though it's really not.
I don't change up my bags.  I carry the same one over and over and over again.
I have found that expensive bags just last longer than cheap ones.  It really drives me crazy for a bag to mess up.
So, I would rather spend money on a nice bag than 10 outfits that I may only wear once.
This is how I justify buying a designer bag......
I am in the market for a new one.
Now, it has to have everything that I need in a bag.  Look good, match with everything (black and brown) ease of getting keys in and out, place for lipstick, and cell phone.  Ease of getting those two items out.
One thing I noticed this year about the design of the new bags out there.
They are kind of bucket like with these ears sticking out the sides.
I love the look, but that's not really my style.
I have to have a North/South profile.
East/West bags don't really work with my body.
Something to think about.
So, here are the selections.
 wait.  let me interupt my blog.  My friend "E" gave me this wallet.  It's probably my favorite thing I've ever had.  I take it out of my handbag and sling it over my shoulder wherever I go.
this is the new design for fall.  See those little ears?

 Marc by Marc Jacobs
 Stella McCartney
 Tory Burch=love this bag
 Brunello Cucinelli
 Michael Kors
 Stella McCartney
and finally...
the one I'm choosing.
Ya know, you just can't go wrong with Louie.

Have a great day y'all!'


  1. Just make sure you have your own ride to keep those bags safe from bag thieves. :)

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