Friday, July 12, 2013

Scott's....and Other Stuff!

What a daggum eventful day yesterday!
Barb and I took a 2 mile walk, we got ready, she left for her meeting as an ETC rep
shout out:
I get on 400 South - (autobahn) to go to Scotts.
I had just called "W" to tell him how much I love my new SUV that he got me last week.
I mean y'all, traffic was a nightmare.
Backed up to the toll booth with accident signs everywhere.  Good grief.
Well, I passed the accident on the right.
HERO units were there, police men, evidently it was a bad accident.
Cars were going at snails pace.
So, like everyone does right past an accident, all the cars speed up into the free lanes.
I had just gotten it to the far left lane when the car in front of me braked fast.  I braked fast and swerved into the access road to keep from hitting him.
Well, I looked in my rear view window and I mean y'all, this guy was about to plow in to me.
It's like he sped up to do it!  Slow motion, I braced for what was to come. BAM.  And I mean he hit me so hard.  So hard that if I hadn't been wearing my seat belt, I know I wouldn't have any teeth left.  And yes, he pushed me into the person in front of me.
Well, I was freaked, I mean I was fine, the car in front of me was just tapped, but the guy in back of me?  Geez, take a look at his car!
I know this isn't a great photo, but I didn't want to be too obnoxious.
Thank GOD no one was injured.
I think just a little shook up.  But man, he did a number on his car.  I feel really bad for this man and woman (and child) because they were just terribly upset. attention.
and please
Now, I finally got to Scott's some 2 1/2 hours later.
so, I didn't get to take a whole lot of pics, but here are a few goodies I found!
J is pondering this
these bread bowls have become increasingly more sparce at Scotts.  I scored two of these for 59.00 each!

Also scored two of these jewels

considering one of these for my art studio

While I'm not a huge fan of shells (don't like to be too "thematic" I did like this lamp

loved these great corbels!

"Simple Church"
is officially "off the market"
heading to a new home in Texas!!!

Have a great day y'all!
Check in tomorrow for more goodies!