Saturday, July 6, 2013

Well Let's See....

I can never remember such bad weather on the Fourth of July weekend at the beach.
Yesterday there were even tornados down here.
I mean good grief.
I do know this.  If it's like this today, we are heading home.
I have mucho painting to do, to get ready for Scott Art Gallery which starts Thursday.
There was about a 3 hour break in the weather about dinner time, so we headed over to Baytown (a part of Sandestin) to have some din and let the kids have some fun.
Baytown has gotten SOOOO cool!!! Very kid friendly.  A little like an upscale amusement park with fun things for kids and adults to partake.
just fun!
And great shops and restaurants!
So, I was just a clickin.
(with the camera)
Jordan said, "mom, how are you ever going to chose which pics to put on your blog?"
(I took a ton of pictures)
So, here we go!!!
first of all the pink shirst were NOT planned. hehe

 and then one particular adult has to be really silly....
here's to hoping the weather clears for our last day!!!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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