Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fun Weekend!!!

Well, my weekend at Scotts is about to come to a close :(
After 3 1/2 days I will say, I am really, really exhausted.
As fun as it is, it is also very, very tiring.
Add into the mix, working on being the liaison between management and artists, diligently trying to turn the "art section" into an "Art Gallery" is also a bit tiring.
but, slowly but surely this WILL get accomplished. will be GREAT!!!
We have a huge group of wonderful new artists!!!
one which I've really taken a liking to.
Her name is Carolyn Ferrari.
Talk about peaceful work.
Now normally, I am not a fan of outlining your subject matter.  She does it so beautifully with a "Monet" like feel.

Just beautiful huh?
now, on to some other stuff!
If I had 10 of this painting, "Simple Church", I would have sold every one of them.
I was on my way to ship it to Dallas, when I had my wreck Thursday...
Ended up taking it to Scotts cause I ran out of time.  Didn't want to leave it in the car, so I hung it up with a SOLD sign on it.
Yep, every one wanted it.
It's amazing what happens when you put a SOLD sign on something!!!
I did take commissions on this.
When I do commissions on paintings, I NEVER paint the same thing.
Not only would I not do it, I actually couldn't do it.  
back to Scotts.
I did have time to shop around some!!!

 I love this gal's booth.  Her pillows are fabulous!

 snagged this little number for my sweet DIL
 putting together a "ROOM" to show what you can do with all the different mediums of artwork!  This would be fabulous for a beach house!  Represented is 4 different artists!
thought you guys needed this for your beach house!!!
and finally.  LOVED these.  And they are the real deal for only 150.00!!!
Have a great day y'all!

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