Sunday, July 7, 2013

Going Home...

It's always so sad going home!
This time it is, but given the weather has just been horrible, it makes it a little bit easier.
Plus, we're headed to the Bahamas in a couple of weeks for our 
"real" vacation....all 10 of us.
Yesterday, we had breaks of good weather so we got to swim and go to the beach with literally 1000's of other people.
and I'm serious.  1000's.
There was a sea (no pun intended) of umbrellas.
The water, while rather brown was amazing.
The waves were violent.
So, last night we headed back to Baytown Warf for a little more fun.  We didn't have enough the night before.
And since a lot of folks had given up on the weather and headed home, it wasn't terribly crowded.
Which meant....
We got to do a lot of the fun activities that we didn't get to do the night before!!!

 oh yum.

 so Bean decided to try to chip in to these buckets on this boat for a chance to win this boat.  We laughed at him.

 um, he made it.....
I tried but didn't make sweet Bennett said "Gigi, you'll make it next time" be still by heart.

 on to the bungie jumping thingy

 I did it too!!!  (I promise I was wearing shorts.....)

 SOOOO much fun!!!!
 next up?  the zip line.  I really don't know when I've had so much fun.
 and Evey did it too!!!!! Brave lil soul!
We had a blast!!!
and guess what.  It's sunny outside...
oh well!
have a great day y'all!

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