Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Beautiful Place...

We are here.
At a beautiful place called Laguna Niguel.
In "SoCo"
I sound so cool calling it that don't I?
When we got here we were two derelicts. Y'all I'm serious,
We arrived at the John Wayne airport after a really wonderful flight and an easy jaunt through the Atlanta airport.
We quickly made it down to baggage claim.  Things were going way too smooth.
I turned my handbag over accidentally leading to a container of nail polish falling out and busting all over the floor.  And on me.
Then my luggage broke.
Okay, so now we are dragging a piece of luggage over to car rental with my nail polish splattered foot.
Black by the way.
What a breeze car rental is these days.
We jump in our car and out we go.
"W" and I look at each other and go "wait, we didn't check out"
So, now we have stolen a car.  At that very moment a tire went flat.  And y'all I mean real flat.
Like rubber was flappin on the road making this awful sound kinda flat.  SO, we limped back to car rental only to be scolded for going the wrong way and driving over the spikes.
First time in a car rental?
Hardly!  I have laughed for years at the idiots that would do this.
okay, so we tucked our tails between our legs and headed over to our beautiful home away from home for the next 5 days.
Laguna Niguel is perched on a lovely cliff just south of Laguna Beach.

I love to sight see.
W does too.
So yesterday we took a long drive up the coast and did some shopping and site seeing.
Okay, I'm not one to mince words, so I'll just go ahead and say it.
Not impressed with Laguna Beach.  At all.
There is a huge diversity of homes a lot of which are run down on this stretch of California coastline.
It's just not my cuppa tea.
Very artsy which I love, but I just can't stand to see a run down area.
Like bi zillion dollar run down properties.
BA zillion dollar.

Anyway, shopping is always fun no matter how run down the area :)

this hat shoppe was so much fun!

 and who doesn't love a good hat shoppe?

Art galleries are splattered everywhere and I stole a few artist's names to contact for our new gallery!
One I am totally in love with.
 Noah Desmond

Soft and serene.
His work speaks to me.
I mean like "take me home with you" kinda speak.

Now, one of the things I love about the hotel where we are staying is the outside bar overlooking the water.
It's called 180 Blu and we could live there.
the perfect place to relax after a relaxing day at the beach.
Blue blankets to wrap up in, and fire pits to warm your hands.
a wonderful place to enjoy your favorite glass of vino while watching the sun sink in to the Pacific.
wait, let me interrupt my blog to enjoy my Huevos Rancheros.
perfectly prepared I might add....

have a wonderful day y'all!

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  1. What a wonderful trip, but sad to hear the houses are run down...looking good in the hat shop!!