Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Biggest Beef....Plainers.

Plainers.  Commonly known as "Complainers"
y'all, they drive me nuts.
Well, I must drive myself nuts, because yes, I complain too.
I have learned one thing though in my 54 years here on life.
Don't complain if you're not willing to try to change something.
You know, the new Scott Art Gallery has been simply amazing this month.
Really y'all, great sales, tons and tons of folks.
What's different?
We complained.  We took action.. We did something to help the flow of traffic back in our little hole.
I love Scotts.  I do really well there.  It's where I sell my art.
Even with light traffic.
When I first went there 18 months ago, it was really, really awful.  Very, very little traffic generated.
Since then, we artists as a group have developed what's really a pretty great little art gallery!
And it's only going to get better.


Every month I complain to "W" about traffic getting home.
Well, Atlanta truly has the WORST traffic cheaters in the country.
They're awful.
Near where I live, there is this intersection.  Actually it's the top of a ramp which is also an intersection.
I have to turn left.
Y'all, I sat at that intersection for 30 minutes while traffic cheaters blocked the intersection.
I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
So, I finally got home after an 1 1/2 commute.
I probably won't make a difference, but I decided to e-mail "Commuter Dude" and complain about this intersection.  I suggested they put a camera on the traffic light.
This has really been productive with helping traffic cheaters in other areas of Atlanta!
We'll see.
Probably won't see a change, but you know?  I may be the "plainer" that put them over the top!


I'm the worst about complaining to "W" about stuff that I want.
Instead of asking him, I throw these subtle hints.
"My closet is driving me nuts..."
"I need new fall clothes"
"I'm too fat"
"I need botox"
Really?  I mean where in the world did I learn that form of communication?
Why in the world am I not just saying, "I really want to do something about my closet..." "Is it in our budget"?
Would it be in our budget for me to shop for some new clothes?
Would you help me loose some weight?
How do you feel about my getting botox?


Complainers about spouse's are probably the worst ever.
I told my kids, unless they are getting abused, DONOT complain to me about your spouse.
Because it would give me a negative opinion of them.
Momma bear would flair up.
If you're having problems in your marriage, take action!  Go to therapy!
If you can't afford therapy, go to your church or get into a community group some where.
But stop complaining.
don't get me started on in-law complaining.
(luckily I have WONDERFUL in-laws so I can't complain!)
or mother complaining.
I SO regret complaining about my mom.
because she's not here for me to compalin about any more....


And finally, work.
I will tell you right now sista.
If I was not selling my art, I would not be painting as a job.
You can bet your bottom dollar that.
I would do it as a hobby.
You know, it's really, really hard for creative minds to take criticism.
But, if you're not selling and you have interest and great comments, maybe it's time to change something.
Maybe your price points are too high for your venue.
Maybe your subject matter is good, but your colors are wrong.
Maybe it's something as simple as your framing.
Or, maybe you just aren't a very good salesperson and should have a salesperson working for you!
Or, maybe you're stuck in another era and need to have more updated work. i.e. subject matter, colors.
I hear people complain about work constantly.  

Now.  I'm going to end my rant by saying, it's really okay to complain.
Really, it is!  And that's one of the reasons we women out there develop wonderful friendships.
But, when you start doing it as part of your every day life, you know to annoying points, then you need to look really hard at yourself and what your doing.
It can be a very big turnoff.
just saying

have a wonderful day y'all!

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