Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jenny Everett Schultz

Every now and then through the art shows that I do, I run across an artist who's work I totally admire.
That would be Jenny Everett Schultz.
Fun, funny, and just downright talented.  To an annoying point.
She's amazing and I'm totally in love with her work.
and did I mention fun?
She has her own style.  And as an artist that is truly one of the hardest things to accomplish.
A recognizable style.
Hers truly is.
Jenny, like me, started painting when her kids were older.  Self taught, but looks like she's been painting all her life.  Her technique is superb and inviting. 
And each of her paintings tells a story.
And, just for your information, she sells them the minute she paints them.
She's just that good.

check her out!

have a wonderful day y'all!!!

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  1. You are right....she does some fun work....I am especially drawn to her boat series.