Monday, September 2, 2013

Can This Kitchen Be Saved??? Amy Howard Paint

So this kitchen.....
I keep finding more things to do.
Let me digress.
A couple of months ago I got some Amy Howard paint.
I compared it to Annie Sloan.
I gave it a scathing review.
Well, someone from Amy Howard read the review on my blog and I have to tell you I have never been so impressed with a company in my life.
They contacted me and they are sending me new Amy Howard paints and are going to walk me through the painting process.
and yes, I will blog about it.
I have decided to paint the cabinets with the Amy Howard paints.
Maybe then I'll be happy with my cabinets.  (hopefully)

now, here was where we were with the kitchen before I started.

 after taking the doors off.
then adding new handles.
and adding trim.

adding crown.
I'm going to paint them with Amy Howard paint and age them.  I'm also going to paint the backs of the open cabinets grey.
and, I may eventually change the granite to white marble :)
maybe then I'll be happy...
Have a great day y'all!


  1. You can still save this kitchen, Kendall. You just have to list the things that you still need to renovate. With a guide, it'll be easier for you to continue beautifying your place. Update me on the next changes, please? Thanks! :)

    Up And Above Contractors, LLC

  2. I am a little confused. You said you gave Amy Howard scathing reviews compared with Annie Sloan. Did you already paint these cabinets with Annie Sloan and are now going to redo them? What did you use the Amy Howard paints on that you did not like? I am very curious because I have old orange oak cabinets in my kitchen and hate them. I have been researching Amy Howard, Annie Sloan, Benjamin Moore Advanced and Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations and the more I research, the more confused I become. Help!!!!