Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To Budget or Not to Budget....

It's important y'all.
I mean really one of the most important things you can do for your wedding.
It sets the stage for how you will handle finances in your marriage.
In my ohso humble opinion.
Staying within your budget is challenging.
It's your special day and you want everything to be perfect.
The problem is, a lot of the time that "perfect" day just does not fit within the budget that you or your parents have set for you.
What do you do?
Well, first you hire a "wedding budgettaire"
What's that?
It's my new name for a budget helper.
It's someone that you sit down with to work with you and help you stay within your budget.
We don't really need help with ideas or making contacts.  But I for one need help staying on budget.
I'm bad about getting carried away.
A "wedding budgettaire" is also someone who can help you find vendors within your budget.
It's someone who will help you "rob from Peter to pay Paul"

Our "budgettaire" is Callen's sister Jordan.

She is the queen of a budget.
And I'm serious about that.
That girl can squeeze a one dollar bill out of a penny.
She also went to college to be a wedding planner.
So she's going to be helping us with everything wedding related.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my new
"Wedding Wednesday!!!"

This is gonna be good!
have a great day y'all!

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