Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Wednesday! Featuring photographers Tec Petaja, Rylee Hitchner, and Leslee Mitchell

I am so excited to be kicking off my "Wedding Wednesday" blog with three of the most amazing photographers I have ever seen.
Tec Petaja, Rylee Hitchner, and Leslee Mitchell.

Tec Petaja
Nashville, Tennessee.
His talent is truly phenomenal.
He oozes creativity.
I am sold on this photographer on all levels of his work.
Tec Petaja

 Tec Petaja captures the perfect moment.

Rylee Hitchner
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
worldwide wedding photographer extraordinaire.
 Rylee Hitchner

 soft, subtle, with vintage flair, this encoustic artist captures every emotion of your beautiful day.
Young by most standards,  Rylee started taking photographs at age 14.
Now at the tender age of 21 she is doing photo shoots for Davids Bridals and Martha Stewart!
She travels all over the world shooting that special moment.
Her work feels fresh.
I think she is simply amazing.

Leslee Mitchell.
Nashville, Tennessee
Leslee didn't start out as a photographer.
She evolved in to one after studying to be a lawyer!

Leslee Mitchell

Clean, fresh, with a touch of dramatic.
I love this gal's work.
Really, really amazing.
She is so good that she has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Style Me Pretty just to name a few.

Next Wednesday?
Wonderful venues!

Have a great day y'all!


  1. Such gorgeous photography and I must admit this was such an important component when Kristy married. As a journalist, she wanted a photojournalist - someone that told the story of their wedding and her pictures were amazing. LOVE all of these - it would be hard to choose!!

  2. They say that one of the most important items you should spend a little more money is a photographer. These are all beautiful photos. Unfortunately my daughter's wedding is in Canada so we can't use any of these.
    Margaret l