Monday, September 16, 2013


I come from a very long line of work horses.
Parents are/were.
Brothers are
Sister is.
Married a work horse,
Had three work horse kids.
All of us will do anything to get the job done.
It's just what we do.
It's how we were raised.

I also come from a long line of stubborn, bullheaded people.
Parents are/were
Brothers are.
Sister is.
Married one.
Had three of them.
We "think" we know it all.
We also "think" we are doctors. We think we are a little smarter than we actually are.

I also come from a long line of extremely healthy people.
Parents are/were
Brothers are.
Sister is.
Married one.
Had three healthy kids.
We have never really had many health issues.  
My mother's unfortunate death at age 74 was the first real time I ever dealt with a health issue in my life.
2 parents/4 kids/ 14 grandchildren/never had a health scare.
Pretty amazing huh?

Anyway, these three factors are very dangerous for you believe it or not.
When brother Jack had a heart attack 2 years ago, at age 56, we just thought it was probably a fluke.
Very lean, big time runner (had just been on a run), big time swimmer.
But, we thought it was just a fluke, maybe a little too much stress.
Luckily he was right next to a doctor, told him his symptoms, and doctor immediately gave him an aspirin and called an ambulance.  After a brief stay in the hospital and a few stents he is doing great!

So.... imagine my shock when I got the call from my niece Claire that other brother Clay had a heart attack.
He actually had it at 9 a.m. Saturday morning while on the tennis court.
and....he continued to play with chest pains (mild, but still)
yes, he played 3 long sets, with 2 tie-breakers.
BTW, he's got the most wicked spin serve I've ever seen, so he, no doubt, stayed on that tennis court to inflict the most amount of pain possible to his opponent.....
That same brother didn't go to the ER until 8 p.m. that night.
Chest pains, completely white face, shoulder pain in the right shoulder.
After his wife threatened him with his life.
And get this.
He wouldn't go to the hospital around the corner, he wanted to go to the hospital where he works.
45 min. away.
Really? I mean Seriously Clay?
I'm going to check you in for a lobotomy next.
He got there just in time.  

After two stents, he is doing fine, just getting some much needed rest.
He will probably get out of the hospital tomorrow after they do a really thorough check to make sure they have covered everything.
So, if you would, please say a quick prayer for my brother Clay.

Thanks guys!!!

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