Friday, September 13, 2013

Scott's Rocks...

This month is SO awesome at Scott Antique Market.
really, really awesome.
I got there around 9:30 yesterday morning and quickly got to work.
I set up my cute lil booth 

and went around doing my monthly ritual of taking instagram pics.
So, sit back and enjoy!!!
 this is one of the sweetest ladies I know at Scotts.  She cleans the restrooms and ALWAYS has the sweetest smile on her face and always has a compliment waiting for you.
Who cleans restrooms with a smile on their face?
She does!
 vintage LV
 loved the style of these twins
 "Redneck riggin" forgot the back to my chair.
 Industrial barstools - 125.00
 the Shabby Chic pillow gal
 Pedestals. Love these for cake stands!
 Cool bottles
 Cool tables
 Cool lighting
 Really, really love.  Wish I needed these.  Arched inside swing French windows.  Straight from France.
780.00 a pair.
yep there's something for everyone.
 getting this little miniature music box for Evey today.  All little girls need a music box.
 the pillow lady
 these people are new. Loved these!
 really great lighting!
I really want this. My concern is the safety of this burlap.  Anybody out there have a burlap light fixture that can clue me in?  Seems flammable, and not really sure if this lighting guy follows very strict safety guidelines.

That's it!!!  Sorry about the blurry pics y'all.
Taken with my iphone with a shakey caffeine ridden hand :)

have a great day y'all!
come see me!
Scott Antique Market
South Building



  1. Loving your booth - looks so pretty, and oh how I love a beautiful arched window. Go to our post today and click on the link to our guest post...may see a little of your work!! Happy Friday ~

  2. Burlap is flammable, but it would depend on how close the lights are to the burlap and how hot they get. They do make a liquid flame retardant to treat fabric, so maybe lighting guy does that.

  3. Do you know how much the 2 spheres light cost? I love it! (The one featured above the water trough flower pot.)

  4. Hi A! I'm not sure, but I'll check tomorrow if they still have it. I'm going to guess around 1,200.00

  5. Hi Kendall! So nice to have you featured on our blog today in Design Chic's post! Love your work and hope to keep in touch!
    xo Nancy