Saturday, September 14, 2013

Are You Ready to go Blue?

Ya know, as a painter, I constantly follow design trends.
I think I've told you that before.
While you don't want to give up the integrity of your work by being "too" "trendy", if you're a working  artist you have to sell your work.
To eat.
So, I look through the latest and greatest to find ideas on my colors.
Usually it's Restoration Hardware and Pinterest.
I'm not that big on Pottery Barn (although I love to shop there) 
or some of the other chain stores for resources.
But this morning I went to one of my favorite resources Williams-Sonoma Home.
You do know that they have a home goods department don't you?
I really don't think a lot of folks know about it!
Well, y'all.
Everything is blue!
And when I say blue, I mean like almost navy.
Designers have been trying to push this popular 80s style color back into the "most popular" category for years and no one has really bitten.
I think grey actually nudged blue out.
There has been the popular "seafoam-blue" which is graduating to a deep turquoise.
(I love how these places constantly change styles and colors so you will keep spending money.)
Hey, it's what they do!
Anyway, I will be honest, I'm not ready to give up on grey quite yet.
And sea-foam blue and turquoise add depth and interest to my art.
I had blues back in the mid to late eighties but ya know, I just cannot go back there.
Just not quite ready yet.
I did find some beautiful representations of the new, old color for you to think about.
If you're going to go blue/ navy, just make it a relaxed, updated look.  (Just my humble opinion)
 via pinterest

 The Blue Room, The Kimono/Edouart Vuillar 1908




 Classis Blue Dog
you have my permission to buy a Blue Dog no matter what your color.

 WS Home

when I say relaxed, I mean something like this.

 WS Home

 WS Home

Not really sure to tell you the truth! Sorry!

 WS Home

 All WS Home

 WS Home

and finally...
if you decide to go blue, get a paint sample and put it on your wall before making a big mistake....
just sayin!

Have a great day y'all!!!
errrrk.  wait!
Okay, we have been SALammmed at Scotts this week.
Come on out and enjoy this beautiful day in Atlanta!
(while there's still some art left)
Scott Art Gallery
Scott Antique Mall
South Building



  1. I've done my newest bedroom in navy and white and even have throw pillows like the chairs in your Veranda pic... I'd painted several pieces of furniture navy as well back in 2004-7ish...Napoleon by Valspar is the prettiest navy paint to me! Blue Nocturne is pretty too, my mom has a navy bathroom.

  2. mom has a navy bathroom in that color...
    (hit publish before Id finished my thought!)

  3. If you want to welcome tranquility in your home, shades of blue is indeed a great choice. Moreover, blue refreshing to the eyes. I hope you'll be able to use these inspirations wisely in redesigning your home. Have you started repainting already? Good luck on your project! :)

    William Gulliver @