Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy Momma....and The Perfect White Shirt!

And when Momma happy, everybody happy.

This is Paul....
Paul is my new best friend....

This is "W"
"W" will always be my best friend.

This is the Container Store
I would rather spend an hour in here than an hour at the spa at the Ritz Carlton...
"W" don't take that literally :)

Paul came and took down this the other day
Really?  I mean Really, Really?
Who was the brainiac that came up with this type of shelving?
And more importantly...why did anyone buy it?
The absolute WORST idea every created.
I'm going to tell you how I really feel.
I believe it was created to make me miserable.
So.  The other day my "main" best friend and I went to my favorite store and looked at Elfa shelving.
It was the best 650.00 gift my husband could ever give me.
I mean I would rather have this
than the biggest diamond ever.
"W" again, don't take that literally.
Let's just say I'm really, really happy.
when Momma happy, evvvvverybody happy.
So, I quicklywent to work in my new closet organizing.

see how many wasted clothing items I can get in there now?
wait....I know what you're thinking.
My horoscope yesterday told me I was a physic.
And I believe everything my horoscope tells me...when it's good.
you're thinking who needs that many clothes?
well, in my defense, they are
fat, fatter, and fattest clothes.
and see all those white shirts in there?
Well, I was saving that for another blog, but I'll go ahead and tell you about the white shirt and me....

I love a white shirt.
I really, really love a white shirt.
I have been on a quest most of my adult life searching for the perfect white shirt.
Well, I googled the perfect white shirt.
Gosh I love google.
Up came Chicos.
Really?  I was like, NO, I will NOT shop at Chicos.
Wait, don't go hatin on me and all cause I don't like shopping at Chicos.
It's just kind of my late mother's shoppe.
God love her.
Kind of like the shoppe that everyone goes to when they get "that age"
You know what I'm sayin!
Well, I bit the bullet because that white shirt had like 150 something positive comments.
I always read the comments before I buy something.
So I go in there.  Y'all. really the best white shirt ever.
Perfectly styled for my body type, long enough to wear with leggins.
And it's no iron!
Could it get any better?
oh, and I got sucked in to buying jewelry while I was there.

and belted!
shout out:

a major shout out to Container Store.
Best customer service I have ever received in my life.
A total joy to work with.

have a spectacular day y'all!

******don't forget Scott Antique Market starts today!!!
South Building
Art Gallery
All new art!!!!


  1. I love a good white shirt! And my mom shops at Chico's, but at 34, if I can find the best shirt now, I hope to be able to wear it good long while!
    What is the style name for it?

  2. Hi Kelley! It's the "effortless" top!