Monday, December 27, 2010


Do you believe in them?
I a big way....that's why I paint them.
One earth Angel came to me in a big way yesterday.
In the form of a nurse.
Her name is Marie.
Basically I was at the point of there being no hope left for mom.  We are really down to it being in God's hands.  And you know, we as a family are all okay with that.  We are at the point of just not wanting her to be in so much agony and pain and suffering.  We are prepared.  The doctors have done everything humanly possible there is to do for her.  Now, as I am told, like I said, "it's in God's hands".  Well, for some reason "Marie" has given me a glimmer of hope.  What a wonderful nurse she was to mom yesterday.  I just want to publicly yell it to the world wide web.  If you go to Brookwood Hospital just pray that you get nurse Marie.  Caring, loving, attentive....I could go on and on.  She helped get mom's vital signs to where they need to be, she adjusted her pain meds where they needed to be so that the screaming would discontinue and her pain would decrease, and she adjusted her so that she would be more comfortable.  She stroked her and comforted her when we weren't there.  She comforted me as well when I needed comforting. She for some reason gave me a glimmer of hope that we might fight this thing.  I had truly given up.  Now, I'm ready for whatever God has in store for me when I get up there in a bit.  I'm still prepared if he chooses to take her.   
In the meantime "thank you Marie".


  1. I truly believe in angels. I`ve had reasons to make me a true believer. Hold on Kendall, you are on the right track. God will guide you!!! Love aunt E....

  2. I certainly believe, and love that you paint them. I believe my daughter is an earth angel to many. I'm so thankful for your "marie", you needed an appearance right about NOW. Still praying, It's such a peaceful feeling when we get to the point of "it's really in HIS hands"! Hope you have a good day! Love, Pem