Monday, December 6, 2010

NYC - Part One

We're here in the beautiful city of New York with some wonderful friends!
  On the flight up, a Delta pilot (captain) of 30 years sat next to us and talked the whole time!  He was SO amazing.  Told us some great "cockpit" stories.  Anyway, we're here for the "Hall of Fame" Induction Ceremony which will take place on Tuesday night.  It's a really fun event for W because he gets to "hobnob" with coaches from all over the country!  It's a really fun event for me cause I get to shop:)  We both love it because we get to spend time with these wonderful friends!
 NOW,,,,,,does anyone notice anything wrong with this photo?
She's got her full length fur, she's got her Louie, it's 28 outside and she's wearing sandals......
We decided it would make the "Dont" section of Glamor
 we of course had to stop here first!
 and pick up a few items

 wow is all I can think to say!
 This was our first event!  OH my, it was unbelievable!!!
 another "don't"

this guy was just waitin around for someone to pick him
 our host!
 and with his beautiful wife!
 W got to play catch up with one of his best friends from college!
 great meal check, great wine check, great company check, check
 on to:
 Auburn was well represented in front of the tree!
 amazing huh????
 Wake up W!!!! I'm ready to shoppe!!!!
Actually,,,,I NEED COFFEE....
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!


  1. WOW...more S.U. that Parker? AND....I am definitely a fashion faux pas (correct spelling???). I LOVE flip flops, even in the winter. I dress according to the temperatures, not necessarily the season:) Can't say I'd have them on with a fur coat though...because if I have a fur coat on it's got to be FREEZING:))Have fun in NYC:)

  2. p.s. Have a wonderful MONDAY:)))))))

  3. side note- i was gonna email you this one but figured that would be very stalkish of me :)
    just so you know how adored you are in my household- i received a text message on Friday am- I was reading while driving my daughter to school (well at a stop light so no gasp needed)- I apparently was talking to myself outloud like who is this from? i dont even know this number? but it was a sweet text... my six year old says, "it's probably Kendall Boggs" I cracked laughing- confessions of a blogaholic...
    happy shopping

  4. Lady in fur coat and flops---I'd bet my life that is my former choir teacher!!