Saturday, December 4, 2010

Will the Real Martha Please Stand Up????

After I wrote my blog yesterday, I realized I needed a little help for some of my homemade Christmas gifts.  SO,,,enter
The Pro...
she said she'd help me out a bit. (after her workout)
Here we go!

These are just too, too, cute and I'm seriously making these.....
okay sidebar....the Boggs family has matching Christmas PJs every year....yep all
8 of us.  So this year I'm adding matching slippers.
(don't tell the fam) it's a surprise
these aren't for me but I bet someone out there would wear em.

I'm SO doin these.....
and these
easy breezy

I just loved the packaging on this one!
and this one!
and this one!!! (I bet Stienmart has a spoon like this)
Perfect for a guy gift
I didn't like her recipe for this so I'm gonna find my own.....I'll let you see it!
and finally,,,,this is something I'm definitely making!
Stole from a wonderful little blog that I follow!
and, if you wanna look through my archives....(you'll have to look back to last year)
stuff I make!
The perfect size cosmetic bag...
 Egg to do with older kids
 John Derian knockoff paperweight....Actually very easy to make!
I don't know if I blogged about this so stay tuned

Go to Martha's website to see how to make all her stuff.  It's really fun to look at!
oh, btw...Michaels has all of Martha Stewart's products.  A huge selection of yumminess to gander.
Food packaging, scrapbooking, hole punches, tags, everything!
Happy Saturday y'all!
For me?????
I'm goin shoppin....yes, in the mall at Lenox.
Crazy huh?
I will be amongst a Sea of Orange and Blue.
Go Alabama (and I mean the state) so that means (oh am I REALLY saying this?)
Go Auburn....that was hard to even type.
Then?  On to New York for a fun lil getaway with wonderful friends!!! Oh yippee!

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