Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gammy's Fudge

One of my favorite childhood memories at Christmas time was watching my mother slave over the stove literally cooking batches and batches of fudge.  She truly had "the gift of fudge making".  And I really believe it is a gift.  The mixing of the ingredients is easy.  Following the directions is easy.  The hard part is knowing just when to take it off the stove, and beating it just right!  It's really, really hard to get it perfect.  And let me tell you, it takes years of practice.  Mine didn't turn out "just" like my mom's, but I would say it's pretty darn close.....maybe even a tad bit "too" close (according to W).  Shu, don't tell mom!
So here we go!
the recipe:
 This is what cha need!

Mix the sugar, salt, and cocoa all together
In a HEAVY pot, add the milk, stirring, bringing it to a boil, then reducing it down to medium heat
this is what it looks like at this point
With a rolling boil on Med heat,  It needs to get to (at least) 233 degrees.
 check it for a hard ball in cold water....this is a "not ready yet" pic
 The recipe says 230 degrees but it took mine a little longer...
 add the stick a butter
 and the PURE vanilla truly only the best vanilla you can find. I use the Williams-Sonoma kind.  (a great gift by the way)
fill  about 1/4 of the sink with cold water being careful not to fill it anywhere near the top of the pot
 and start beatin that fudge to death.
 salivating yet????
 oh yummy.  Slightly hard on the outside, creamy smooth, melt in your mouth on the inside.
 Now....I'm all about packaging.  This is Martha Stewart from Michaels
 and if you wanna get really special, add an ornament
 or be simple
 or be glitzy!
My mom would be so proud!!!!
Have a blessed Thursday y'all!


  1. Have I ever just said how much I love reading your blog?