Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Stockings Were "Slung"

 by the chimney with uh,,,,,, 
With hopes that St. Nicholas really won't care
Isn't that awful?????
Ya know, this has been one a those years where "it is what it is"
       "W" in his sweetness says "I like simple"
          I mean, all I've done is this:
           (which I love by the way)
and this:
        no magnolia leaves or garland surrounding my precious Nutcrackers!
                no bows on my Wise Men
 Not worrying about hiding (or wrapping) the gifts!...I'll get to them before everyone arrives
 and my precious Amaryllis died while I was gone 
(have I removed them?  nope)
but the tree is still fresh, the love is there, the presents are bought, and I really don't care!
(as you can tell,,,,,I'm a little bummed out)
 Mom Alert.
Frustration to say the least.
She still has MRSA and has now grown a secondary infection.
Kim is bringing her home from the hospital today to get better.
Oh, please prayer warriors, we need you!
Thank you everyone for being there for me!
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!


  1. Kendall, I have used the stockings that your G`mother made for my boys for 50 years. I was so proud to see yours!!! Every year when I get them out I think of how sweet of her to make those for my boys!!! Praying for Pat & all care givers!!! LOVE from my heart to yours...

  2. Those are the same stockings my famiy has and has had since I was born...I am now 31 .I LOVE them. I have never seen them anywhere else.