Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I am truly the worlds worst at waiting till the last minute for Christmas shopping.  And this year is no exception.  W is a pro at Christmas a matter of fact, he's keeping his name "Mr. Wonderful" right now because so far, I've gotten a gift every day for the last 8 days!  He started this 12 days of Christmas thing with me last year and I threatened to reveal his real name on my blog if he didn't do it again this year! (just kiddin) If you're late like me, I did find some pretty good stuff this morning on line.  And I don't think it's too late.  You may have to pay a little extra for shipping however.  But if you live in a large city like Atlanta, this should be easy! Just take a relaxation pill before going to the mall.  I'm not lyin, they're CRAZY!!! period. (not to mention the traffic)
Here we go....
First up:
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Vivitar I Twist Video Camera

For the Chef who has everything.....
Ebelskiver pan....Now, you can check in my archives for the recipe.  I've been making these since I was about nine
Bed, Bath and Beyond again

I want this....
Bed, Bath, and Beyond

My sweet friend E gave me these yesterday and I LOVE them!!!! (mine are in black)
and I'm kinda pining over this too!
Tory Burch
cute little number
Tory Burch
Louis Vuitton - yummers
Wouldn't you love to walk in the rain in style?
another gift from my sweet E!  (you are wonderful!  thank you!)
Now, let me just tell you sompthin......I have these boots.  I walked all over NY in them.  They are the most comfortable, cutest boots I've EVER bought.  I wish I could tell you how many compliments I've had on them.
and they have "booty socks" too which come in all kinds of colors.  Seriously folks.....a must have 
Nordstrom again     

for the game lover
RH again
Cashmere robe at a great price
RH again
with slippers to match....RH
for the gardener....RH
RH again
I loved this!  RH again
I Phone beautiful?  RH again!
Beautiful stationary box
and for the drinker
BD Jeffries again
Northface luggage
Never stop exploring....
Northface again
I think this is the best looking digital frame out there.  Pricey, but worth the $$$$
and if none of those work?
or any of my art work!
which is 20% off right now until Jan. 1

Have a wonderful Wed. y'all!

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  1. great boots! i need some of those! also, your "thanksgiving card" from us came back in the mail today. i have your old address. when you get a minute, please email or text me your new address. Thanks! MERRY CHRISTMAS!