Friday, December 3, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha....I'm Not!....I dumped all of this out!

Well....yesterday I decided to get really crafty.  I wanted to do something "homemade" for my neighbor girlfriends for Christmas.  SO, I found these adorable bottles at The Container Store
(I found the ribbon and the foam coasters at Sam Flax)
both SOOOOOOO much fun to go to places

By now, if you've read my blog for a while, I'm sure you've concluded that I'm a little obsessive/compulsive.  At least I've concluded that.  Anyhoo, when I saw these bottles my mind was just a racin.  What could I do with these???? I knew that what ever I did would really be about the bottle and decorating the outside.  Not at all....well sorta, about what was in it.  So, I decided to try my hand at Bath Oils.  I looked up this recipe on line
(OH, btw I love this little notepad) (Anthropologie)
I have to have lines to write my notes....and I love the crown:)
BEWARE.....DO NOT USE CASTOR OIL!!!! I'm editing this today (December 13th) I bathed in what I made, and felt like I had bathed in crisco oil.  Seriously folks.....I was TACKY gettin outta the tub.  Use Almond Oil. (if you can find it) okay,,,,on to the rest of the blog.... So...Out where I live, there aren't many "options" for "essential" oils.  There IS a place out here however, that I thought I'd try.  So I popped in.  The "Harley" outside shoulda given me a clue.  Hey, no slam against Harley's I think they're the coolest of cool, I'm just sayin.  Anyway, I asked the lady man lady if they have any "essential oils".  By the way, she was precious.  I had a blast with this chick.  First of all, she didn't have a clue about anything in the store.  Not sure why she was working there but my guess is that her "friend" needed her to.  again...I'm just sayin. Don't go gettin all huffy on me,,,hey, she was a jock. That's okay though,,,but,,,,
She didn't know a thing about "Bath Oils"
she did however give me a bunch of stuff and swore that I could use Castor Oil as a bath oil product. (again....DON'T)!
She even suggested that I go to an adult "book store" and look for some "edible glitter" to make it more holiday looking.
okee, dokee moving right along
 I bought all this stuff.  I told you I was compulsive!
"W" called me and said "what cha doin"? and I told him, OMG what he has to live with.

Here's what I did...dumped the castor oil in a bowl
and mixed in all the ingredients.
Okay,,,now, boy was my house smelling like a massage parlor.  I actually didn't follow the directions at all because it was smelling too "aromatherapy" for me.  As a matter of fact, I felt guilty not putting on some soothing music and calling in the pool guy while I was making this. So...I added a lot more lavender and rose.
I really feel sorry for whomever gets this....
 I tested it though and my hands felt silky smooth afterwards.  No glitter though.
The vanilla however, gave it a glittery look!
 So, now I got to decorate the outside.  I found these darling little foam snowflakes that are actually coasters at Sam Flax.  And the ribbon also came from there.  But hey, you could probably find something you like just as well at the dollar store or Walmart. Walmart has some great crafty stuff by the way.
 so, I wrapped my "goodie" around the bottle
while I was working a little surprise was delivered to me from my friendy Cindy!!!  I'm addicted to Atomic Fireballs!!!  She loves to do crazy surprises!!! 
 Now, you get to melt some Gulf Wax to seal the cork.  Just  get a pan that you don't mind ruining and melt the wax
 then dip the top of the bottle.  I did mine twice and coulda done it three times
this is what a wax sealed cork looks like
 here they are!

 the verdict?
A+ for Effort
A for packaging
F for cost (they were really expensive to make)
F- for the product
I'd be careful gettin outta the bath tub....if you follow MY directions!!
Happy Friday y'all!
oh WAIT!!! don't leave me!

Two new paintings:
Golden Sky 
24 x 36 (framed)
Price upon request

36 x 24
Price upon request

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