Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Make a Magnolia Wreath

Well,,,,,as promised, I'm gonna show you how to make one of my favorite things for the holidays!
a magnolia wreath.
Oh, how I love magnolias!
the problem was.....finding them.
If you live where I live they are NO WHERE....except neighborhoods.  So,,,,I politely "borrowed" a few leaves off of a deserted yard.
hum....just don't tell.
Anyway, here's what cha do to get this look
First you start with this:
what I stole borrowed from a that yard
 cut the leaves off at the base.  See those little scissor/snippers back there behind the leaves?  Those are Fisker brand.  The best EVER!!! I mean, really folks, I was cutting freakin stalks off the trees with those things.  (I'm gonna try to prune my tree with them)
 I used a 24" green foam form.  I also used those wire pick thingys.  Both came from a wholesale floral supply company.
 start by poking the leaves in with the greenery picks
 layer them like so
 and more (be sure the leaves cover the sides)
 continuing around the entire circle, layering the leaves
I don't intend to leave (no pun intended) this on the fridge
 but here's the finished product!!!
I think mine are a little cheaper than buying them.....cost? about 20.00 (unless I get fined for stealing some one's magnolia leaves.....I'm just sayin)
have a fantabulous Wed. night!!!!


  1. They look great! How did you get all the leaves so uniform in size & color... and so shiny?! Do you spray them with something ? I have several trees, but the leaves are all huge and a faded green color. Your's are great! So was the cotton one -- I couldn't find cotton, though, to try it. Do you know of a Nashville source?

  2. Hey Kath! Well, they were not real "mature" trees. I think that is the key. I actually was looking for larger leaves but couldn't find any. Now looking at these, I'm glad I found smaller ones! I did not spray them with anything (but thought about it!) there is stuff you can buy to spray them at plant stores to make them shiny. Not sure if they grow cotton in Nashville! Great to hear from you :)

  3. Those are beautiful and you made it look so easy that I might actually try it. However, I can't make bows....

    Beth Wages Johnson

  4. I love them! Do they stay that shiny??

  5. Hi Katie! They will dry out some. But really mine have usually lasted a month (which is perfect for me!!) Thanks for commenting!