Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NYC - Part Two

WE awoke yesterday to snow!!!  Well, actually just a few flakes here and there but still, snow! in NY......oh be still my heart!  I had a wonderful day.  I did exactly what I wanted to do!  Poor W hates to shop, and if you are like me, it is just miserable shopping with a man who hates to shop.  Anyway,  he had to do some work so I went to all the places where he would cringe.  I mean really cringe.  First up, Martha Stewart's favorite store.....Tinsel Trading. oh my
antique ribbon

Well, I didn't get a shot of one of my other little known favorite shops but I did get a shot of Sissy opening her gift from there!  Sabon....it is a must "go to" when you "go to" NYC
W did do a little sightseeing with me before he left for Connecticut.
And....I did drag him into this place......
American Girl Place
Now.  since Jordan has a doll from the very first year they came out,,,,and then Callen has every doll ever made in that era, we've made "AGD" a family tradition.
Evey's Christmas present!
(is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?)
and an outfit
I was salivating at this place.  I mean folks,,,I'm 51!  I just can't wait to get home and make them some matching outfits.
We visited Saks windows which were just amazing

and a shot of a beautiful tree!
So,,,that night we met everyone at Sissy's and Larry's" suite little room.  It was pretty nyce.
and, I just have to show you these pics.....note to self.  Never take pics in front of a TV.
(actually I thought these were perty funny!)
we all decided to wear grey......I think the guys on the TV were sayin "can you believe all those ladies wore matching outfits????? Oh the South.

Park and W
on to the restaurant!
I love a good beer, and this one was "da bomb" yummers.  It was funny.  This 22 yr old waitress keep telling us... "Now you don't need to drink too many of these". The are very stout. Oh, if you find this beer it's a "must try" sooooooo good!
some had more than one coctail!

W and I had absolutely THE BEST steak I've ever had in my entire life.  Del Friscos.
and Park and Kim did too!
a good time was had by all!
have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!
We are gearing up for the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.
One of them to be inducted?  Gene Stalings.


  1. Oooooooh that ribbon makes me think of my great grandmother, can I have it all please? my great grandmother was the original Lady Gaga, btw...she was born in 1909 and went by Gaga starting in the late 40s/early50s.
    I digress....the AGD is fantastic!! how precious! look for E a Raggedy Ann doll too, thus year is the 95th anniversary of them!

  2. Kendall, we have a love for American Girl Dolls also.... All my G`daughters have one & I just love them. Thanks for the NY trip. I have enjoyed it. Love!!!!

  3. Cool pics! ANd yes...I remembered it is "Park" not "Parker" ..didn't want to comment for the 3rd time yesterday when my memory returned:)) We've been cleaning out attics here and I came across (along with every book my kids ever owned!) all my girls American Girl dolls and their STUFF.....clothes still in the plastic hanging bag!! Ken couldn't believe the stash of furniture, clothes, etc. Of course we saved them so grandchildren can play with them:)))) Also found a piggy bank Gregory gave Jess for her birthday and a lunch box (blue with AUBURN tiger painted on it) from Jordan to Justin!!! Again, Ken was amazed at everything I have saved!! :)) Glad to know that American Girl dolls are still around...really have not even thought about them in many many years until the attic find 2 weeks ago. Have fun in NY and thanks for taking us with you through your blog:)