Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NVC - Part 3

Well we're heading back today :(
This has been a whirlwind of fun, fun, fun with good friends!  Some old and some new!
I've got a ton of pics to show you!  Remember, this is my daily journal.  Yesterday was cram packed with tons of fun.  Shopping, a little sightseeing, and party-ing,,,,,BIG time!
Here we go!
First up? Brooklyn Diner,  (do yourself a favor....go ahead and splurge on the calories and have the Chicken Pot Pie)
 not sure why we chose this seating arrangement.  We joked and said "we're swangers."
 Fun time was had by all here. Bryant Park.  Which by the way has the nicest restroom of any place I've ever, well not EVER been.  But let's just say it was the cleanest restroom I've ever visited.  The attendant was unbelievably "anal" wait, was that a pun? about cleaning the restroom
 I oooohed and gooooed over a chocolate shoppe
 this is probably the only cocktail we didn't have this week!
 made a few purchases.
 visited Grand Central Station
 This was definitely my favorite shopping experience.  They have shoppes at GCS at Christmas time.  Really nice booth type shopping.  I had to have one of these hand made scarves.  Oh, I just fell in love with them!
the sweet girl that makes them showed me (and a million others) how to wear them.  I wish I knew how to knit cause I love that knitted felt stuff.
 I also pined over these scarves!
 On to the Waldorf....
for the guys to go to this:
Two old frat bros still checkin out the women.
 And Daddy Larry sayin, "now wait a minute"
 Glamour Don't
 Glamor "Do"?  What's with the BIG hair I'm sportin???? wow.
 The Waldorf's Christmas decorations were stunning
 The girls got to bond a little more over drinks and dinner
 I just love beer.  It has to be slightly stout and I have to add salt....I know, I know.
 Lisa and me!
 and Sissy and Kim!
 Glamour Don't......First of all, the pic didn't turn out.  Second....too old to be wearing a skirt that short (or at least crossing my legs in one).....and my bag didn't match my shoes. YIKES!
 On to here!
 For this "Spectacular" event!

 Back to meet the guys at the Waldorf
um...okay....Lynn met Greg McElroy, you know the quarterback for Alabama (great kid by the way)
in the restroom and had Park take his pic. (see the urinal in the background)?  what a guy,
 this was Lisa when she heard that story
 I love, love, love this woman
 Lynn and Park's new best friend, Lynn Swann
 and I can't remember this guys name, he coached for Auburn and is now with Texas.  Oh wait, W just reminde me...Will Muschamp. Really nice guy
 Glamour don't
 A fun time was had by all.  A really, really, fun time!
Now, my fam has had to make some tough decisions about mom.  Please pray that we are making the right decisions.  We have decided to bring her home from the nursing home.  Seems she just wasn't getting the care we felt she deserved.  Kim will be doing the majority of the work.
Specific prayer request:
That Kim will continue to have patience taking care of mom
That we will find good help to help Kim take care of mom
That mom will put on some MUCH needed weight
That the drainage in her hip will subside
That she will be happy.
Thank you prayer warriors!
Have a wonderful Wed. y'all!

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