Friday, December 10, 2010

Bobby turns 80!

Wow, to get to this point in your life!  And to be as healthy, active, and loving as "W"s father (as we adoringly call him)...... "Daddy Bob"
We had a little surprise birthday party for him last night.  They live up in Brevard, NC.  So W, Gregory and I drove up there yesterday to surprise him.  He was overjoyed as well as surprised!
We stayed at this wonderful little bed and breakfast which was as charming as the people who ran it!  This morning as I'm getting up "W" yelled as loud as he could whisper.....SHUUUUU! because the original pine floors squeaked so loud I sounded like an elephant walking across them.
(sidebar----after NY I feel like one too)
Our wonderful host and hostess Daniel and Tracie
The Red House Inn
and their beautiful home!
anyway, we also had a little time to visit the beautiful little town of Brevard and all its quaintness.
 We visited a toy store that would make any child (or adult) salivate
 over stuff like this
 or this
 or this!
 we also visited some "not so quaint" shoppes
 but were hilarious
 and finally....
but the best t-shirt we found was this!
 and of course we made him immediately put it on!
 Gregory was saying "mom, don't take my picture, mom, don't do it! don't do it!" CLICK
 This was Daddy Bob listening to Evey singing Happy Birthday!
 a wonderful little dinner spent with wonderful folks
 and the two that I am blessed to call my in-laws!
Happy Birthday Bobby!
We love you!
We're pullin a Clark Griswold and cuttin down our own lil North Carolina Frazier Fur.
If you see a tree hanging off the front and the back of a black SUV goin down I-85 with 3 crazies singing Christmas Carols,,,,,yep, that will be us
have a wonderful Friday y'all!

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  1. How funny!! We call my granddaddy "Daddy Jack!" I have never heard of anyone else who has put "Daddy" in front of someone else's name!