Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Tryin to Pull a Martha Again!

Back to blogging!  Congrats to Jessica and Abby!!!
Okay, first of all, that bath oil that I posted about a week back????? DON'T make it!  You WILL be talked about if you do and if you give it out.  It reminds me of one Christmas.  I used to give out these baskets with my spaghetti sauce, pasta, parm cheese and a big loaf of bread.  It was a great little gift and I would go around the neighborhood and give my favorite neighbors their little dinner treat.  Well, one year I had a really bad cold and my nose was stopped up and I couldn't, smell or taste or anything (you know the feeling).  Anyway, I burned the sauce really bad and didn't have a clue.  Finally a "friendemy"  said "Kendall you gave out some really burned spaghetti,,,,just thought you'd wanna know".  I was mortified.  Moral to this story?  Test your home made gifts before giving them out...
This one I tested (and by the way, the spaghetti recipe is in my archives)....I know, I need to organize my blog, you know what?  I might re-post that recipe.  It got a really good response!
So....on to "I'm Tryin to Pull a Martha Again"
"Bath Bombs"
and yes, they really are "da bomb"
aren't they cute???  and they work!!!  and they smell divine!
Here's what cha need
Tip: the flexible ice cube or brownie tray works wonderful for this project
 also, this is found in the canning section of some grocery stores.  You may have to look pretty hard for it....PAIN
 and you need a BIG box of this.  Baking Soda
 Mix the baking soda, cornstarch and citric acid together in a bowl
then run it through a sifter
 I love the softness of a sifted ingredient.  Is that crazy?  I just do
 Now add the organic cane sugar and mix it all up really well
 take your little sprayer and fill with water.  Then add 6 - 8 drops of food coloring. At this time your going to add about 12 drops of your favorite essential oil.  I used Rose Otto. (Whole Foods)
Now... kinda tricky here.  You are gonna spray the water/food coloring until you completely coat the mixture.  Be sure you don't add too much spray at a time or it will fizz up. (that's the point, but you want it to do that when you take a bath, not when you make it).  Just keep spraying and mixing
 It's not quite ready when it looks like this
 so, spray a little more water, food coloring mixture until you can press it in your hand like this
 take a spoon full and put one in each square.  Pack each down really hard and add more as needed.  Make sure you get them nice and even (without fingerprints)
 Let them dry overnight or all day, and then pop them out.  They come out nicely with those silicone ice cube trays if you can find them.
Then put them in a cute container.
This recipe gave me 3 containers full!
 add a cute lil tag
 and wrap a pretty ribbon around it!
while I was waiting for these to dry, I decided to do a green mixture and not shape them.  Just a regular ole "bath fizz"
So, I did the same thing, but didn't put them in forms.
Here is that!  All wrapped up and ready to give!
Tip:  just spritz with food coloring (without the water).  You don't want it to get hard.
1/2 Cup Citric Acid
1 Cup Baking Soda
3/4 Cup Cornstarch
1/4 Cup Organic cane sugar
About 6 drops of food coloring
10 - 15 drops of essential oils
Special equipment:
2 -ounce travel-size spray bottle, silicone ice tray, storage jars, sifter
Happy Giving!
Mom update:
Kim brought her home on Monday to live at Kim's house
We are going to try to get her healthy there.
Specific prayer requests:
1) That the MRSA will be completely gone when they go in to irrigate the wound on Thursday
2) That she will put on some much needed weight
3) That Kim will continue to have the patience and strength to take care of mom and her 4 kids 
4) That the sitters we choose will take good care of mom
5) That Mom's cognitive issues will progressively get better
6) That I will have the patience to make the drive back and forth to Bham as needed during this busy holiday season.
Thank you prayer warriors!
blessings for a wonderful Wednesday!
oh,,,,,I have to leave you with this....
Wait!  I'm not finished!!!  I decided to "surprise" W by bringing up all the boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement the other day.  W comes in and saw them and says "I'm really irritated slash (crude word) that you did that".  I'm like, geez!  Then he said "part of the fun of Christmas is griping about bringin up all those durn boxes!"
And I'll leave you with his wonderful invention of putting lights on the tree.  (another favorite thing of his to gripe about)  I knew this "made for TV contraption would come in handy!!
Does your hubby do that???? Gripe about Christmas decorations???
Oh, and he's keepin the name Mr. Wonderful!
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me?
A beautiful little nativity scene.

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  1. Will be praying all you list. Patience, prayer and more prayer is the only way. There are so many of us in your situation in one way or another. Kim with 4 children and your Mom is at the top of my list. And you with beautiful grandchildren to enjoy plus do your part from afar. "Count it all joy" is a hard matra for me. But we know WHO is in charge and there are lessons to be learned. Merry Christmas.