Sunday, December 26, 2010

Panic Mode

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you....but,,,,I can't find my as we speak right now I am in panic mode.  Do any of you do that???? I mean I must have 50 paris of glasses lying around my house, but I'm at Jordan's and I can't find one pair.  It just puts me in a panic!  So, if this is garbildegoo just know, I don't mean to be illiterate here.....I just can't see! period!. I just want to show you our wonderful little Christmas....fulll  of love.
First up:
Does this house look familiar?????
We do a "White Elephant" gift exchange....this was mine!  (I was SO excited!)
 Jack was here with Santa
 All Evey wanted was "pretty flowers"
 but G-Man had to get her the biggest stocking he could find!
Lil B had a blast!
 Christmas picture "Take 1"
 Take 2
 Take 3
 Take 4
 Take 5
 Take 6
 Take 7
 Then we all left and Lynn and Eric realized they were stuck together.  heehee!
 Evers got her American Girl and promptly named her "Sally"
 and J got her "Hunter" Boots
 G-Man surprised Evey with some white donuts (probably her favorite gift!)
 white kisses
 Does anyone really read my blog?????
 J sent a little hint to Eric
 this was for Bennett because he always wants to hold someone's hand!
 my pics are now going to improve (hopefully!)
 First white Christmas we've ever seen!
 Amy got some Lil B time
 Andy loved his camo belt
 Ames and Gregory
 Callen texting.....surprise!!! (with her favorite animal in her lap!)
 and finally J and E
The love
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Mom's about the same.
Please keep praying for her.
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!


  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas for one and all! We also celebrated a blessed Christmas with family and friends. I read your last post about your mom and I can so relate. We celebrated yesterday, though, because my mom was with us and on the mend. Hopefully 2011 will bring healthier and happier days for your mom as well!

  2. Love it! Merry Christmas Boggs family!

  3. love reading your blog, I am friends with Kacey Ginn. Love the family pj's where did you get them?

  4. I got them at Old Navy (very cheap by the way!) and then my daughter Jordan appliqued the tree on them. Shout out: