Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Besties" Birthdays

"W" and I have the honor of having two of the most wonderful friends in the world.  Have you ever had friends that you know, absolutely deep in your heart, that they would go to the ends of the earth for you? Well, we are both lucky to have friends like that in our lives.  Lucky is not the word...Blessed is more like it.
One of these friends that I am lucky to call one of my "besties" had a "surprise" luncheon yesterday given by her sweet, darling daughter Isabella.
This is Elizabeth.  Beautiful, kind, generous, giving,,,,I could go on and on and on.
I'm just gonna show you some pics of our luncheon!

 Her sweet, sweet mom (isn't she beautiful?)
 E hates to have her picture made, so I'll just show you her beautiful fingernails :)

 Let me just tell you folks.  yummy is the only word I can find to describe this cake. period.
 Like mother, like daughter.  Both precious to me

 one of her fabulous "handmade" gifts 
 What is wrong with me? I cried when I gave her my card!  I'm just an emotional wreck for some reason.
must be the age or maybe she's just that special to me.
 E loves to take photos (and is a pro at it btw) so Cindy and I gave her this doozy of a camera bag!
 I'm proud to call E one of my "besties"!
I love you E!
 Now on to the 2nd part of the day!
Lynn is proud to call this wonderful man one of his "besties"!
his home was perfectly decorated for a beautiful birthday celebration!
 I can honestly say that I've never seen Glenn so happy in the 20 something years we've known him!
 we got to see friends that we haven't seen in years!
 and got to meet a new special friend!!! (who is precious by the way!)
 being the simple person he is, he wanted pizza! (with a little Caymus)
 "W" told me I was dressed like an SEC ref.
 this was after he got a good jab or slap on the butt
Speaking of the SEC, Auburn whipped some booty
  Fudge was there!

 This is the best shot I could get of his original "Blue Dog" still my heart
 decided to do the best lasagna I've EVER put in my mouth
 oh and the bread....yum
 more old friends!
 and more who's wife was sick, but was there in spirit! (and by cell phone)

 starting the toasts!
 and then "W's" turn!

 can't really remember what he said...."why does my head hurt this morning?" but it was funny.
 A toast to you sweet Glenn.  You are the bestest!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all!
We are heading to NY!!!
(and of all things....I forgot my coat)


  1. Kendall!! That looks like so much fun! I loved your "REF" coat so keep wearin it! Also, what kind of dog is that?? Im dying over here wanting to know!

  2. What a beautiful home your friend has! And love the table and how it was set up in the grand entry hall. Looks like a fun time was had by all!