Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, I got to thinking this a.m. that the only thing left to do in J's house was to find a mirror to go above her fireplace.  (unless we decide to paint that said fireplace :)  hummmmm.
How does that sound J?
There is this strange mantle piece up there too.  Hung a little bit too high and made from linoleum.  That really needs to go.  Anyway, I started scouring the internet for some mirror options.
I'm heading back to Atlanta today to watch the BCS bowl (GO BAMA) with W.  Sorry all you LSU fans, but I really don't like LSU.  I know, I know, it's a good school, but that coach of yours.  Man.
Back to mirrors.
Did you know that Ballards has a backroom in Roswell that sells their overruns, returns, broken pieces, etc...? Well they do, and it's pretty cool to go in there.
That's where I am going today.
I'm going to try and find a mirror.
If I don't find one there, Jordan, her sweet mother in law (who by the way, does all of J's drapery free of charge)  (she owns a drapery making company)  I mean how lucky is Jordan????
Anyway, Sweet MIL, Jordan, and the kids are coming to Atlanta to go to Scott Antiques with me this Thursday  OHICAN"TWAIT!!!
We will certainly find the perfect mirror there.
Or.....I have one in the storage unit that I could fix up and I bet it would look awesome.
At any rate, we''re lookin for a mirror.
Here are some I am looking at:

love this one

and this one

my pet peeve for this year is this:
web sites that won't let you drag their pic into Iphoto to blow up to show on your blog.
I mean, don't they want you to have a nice pic?  It IS advertisement!
Have a great day y'all!

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  1. We definitely have the same taste in many of these are saved in my files. Love the sunburst!! Hope you're having a great week ~