Monday, January 2, 2012

Two Kids and a Dog

Well I can honestly say that Cooper has finally gotten acclimated to having kids around.  I had a blast taking a few shots of the kiddos with him.
I think he's gonna be sad when they leave today.  I know he's gonna miss getting Lil B's scraps of food from the floor.  I mean the kid can eat some food. (and he can throw it) Which by the way is all over his cute little outfit :)
I sure am gonna miss them....
Brother is doing well, just fyi.
Coop wanted that paci

Poor thing!

"please play with me Coop"

that was after Coop got a good lick of Lil B's face...

now,,,,,see this chair right here?
I had convinced myself that I could recover it.  HAHAHAHAHAHa
I started ripping the fabric off to paint it.  It's gonna be a kakhi color and upholstered in a faux distressed leather,,,or pleather.  The painting I can do of course, but I think I bit off a little more than I can chew on the recovering end. to my upholsterer extraordinaire "Star" to show me how it's done.  I'm going to talk her into letting me "help upholster this thing!!!" How fun will that be?  Of course I'll blog about it.
In the meantime, tomorrow's blog?
How to make a pleated balloon shade!
have a great day y'all!

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