Sunday, January 22, 2012

We're Finished!!!

Well almost! Enough that I can "show-n-tell"
First of all, thank you posters!  I decided to paint the black tile.  OMG what a difference!  Actually Amy painted it with her steady little hands (she's a neonatal nurse), so she's use to doing things in tedious fashion.
So, I just couldn't wait for you to see the outcome!  I ran out of wax so the total finish will be done tomorrow.
Remember the before?

and in the process:

oh before I go any further, sister brought over a table and chairs that they will use until the perfect set is found! (and the 6 botanicals will go in the large open space when they are finished being framed)

so, here we go!

The house is quickly evolving from "bachelor pad/fraternity house" to grown up married life!
I offered to paint the walls today too, and Gregory said, UM that would be a NO.  Game day!
Have a good one y'all!


  1. so much better! And although the walls could use some fresher paint, I will say, if we had even thought about tackling those today, we would STILL be painting right now.... Another project for another day! Thanks for your help!!