Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sleeping Beauty!

On to my next project.....
J's bedroom is bugging me.  And bugging her.  See her MIL (wonderful by the way) made her some very nice and pricey drapes for her old house.  AND had the rods hand crafted by an ironsmith.  Well, neither the drapes nor the rods fit for her bedroom, so, we are up for ideas.  She wants the bedroom to be all white which means we've got some work to do.   We painted the room a beautiful soft tan color that gives off a multitude of colors at different times of the day. Sometimes it looks a little grey, sometimes green.  Hum.
Anyway, as you recall, we are getting a steal of a deal from Target with the white coverlet.
and they have an existing white covered tufted headboard to match
These shams will go with the coverlet and are BIG 30" ers.

If Jordan will let me, I will get the matching fabric to make a pleated dust ruffle out of the tan piping color.
Here is the fabric I found for the draperies that sweet MIL will be making.  They are having an ironsmith cut the rods down.
Now on to some dreamy inspirations!

in case she wants to throw in another color!

have a wonderful day y'all!

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