Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Master Bedroom Makeover!

I'm only showing you this today cause I can't stand it!  I just can't wait!  I arrived here in Birmingham in time to do lunch with my oldest and youngest and then quickly got to work on J's master bedroom makeover.
We aren't quite finished yet, but me in my anxious mode to show you where we stand I'm gonna show you the partially finished project.  Then tomorrow I'll show you the whole thang.
Okay, here is the before:
My camera didn't capture the exact color.  It is really more caramel.

first J had this dresser that was buggin the heck outta her.  She hated it. So we were gonna do something about it.

Like paint it with my new best friend Annie Sloan

In the process

and after the paint and wax!

then, both bedside tables were almost a black color.  That was not gonna do.
Annie Slone stark white to the rescue!

I picked up this mirror at Ballard's Backroom for a mere 49.00

In the meantime, I hung Lil B's B.  Is that not adorable!!!

I found these at Target and quickly snatched them up to recover the vinyl

So far so good!  Her khaki and white bedroom is comin along!
Today?  Making a bedskirt for the bed out of a solid khaki.
Okay, let's break it down.
Shams - 98.00
Coverlet - Target - 119.00
Benches - 79.00 each
Lamps - free
Shades - 30.00 each
Paint - 60.00
Mirror - 50.00
Love - 0.00
Paintings - hand me downs
Bed coverlet at end of bed - hand me down
The drapes will be made out of the fabric that I covered the benches with.
Tomorrow I'll show you the completely finish project and a tutorial on how to make a bed skirt. The drapes will come in a little while.
WAIT!!!  I finished the dust ruffle!  (I promise I will TRY to do a tutorial, it was not an easy task and really not very easy to document) but I did do it this morning!
Here is the finished room.  (OH and we are changing those knobs on the bedside tables,  they look ick after I saw them in a pic.  Stay tuned!
see the difference when it's light out?  wow!

Have a great day y'all!


  1. Love this! Can't wait for the tutorials!
    Lori Jordan
    p.s. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Can you give us the paint color???

  3. Come over anytime!! On a designer note question: our bed sits in between two windows which will not allow for a king size bed-
    I WANNA KING- is it designer disaster to let the bed lapse over into the window area?
    lOVE THE MAKEOVERS all of them!!
    On a funny note: 7 year old daughter touched your painting last night that hangs in the kitchen and said in a valley girl way....
    Can you believe this??
    hahahahaha. I think I brag about you too much at home ...

  4. Hey CAW!!! you are too funny! Thank you sweet girl! I am having the same dilemma with Jordan's nursery. We HAVE to put the bed smack in front of the window and it is considered a faux pas but sometimes you gotta do what cha gotta do! I say go for the king bed. You will love it!

  5. She is bound to be thrilled to looks amazing. Can't wait to come back tomorrow for the finale. Also, love the"B"!!