Monday, January 23, 2012

A Little Sprinkle

Well, I've been up since 3. This morning was NOT a little sprinkle in Birmingham.  Sirens went off at 3 and continued. It's been a long night and people have been killed all around Alabama.  My prayers go out to those affected.
A little sprinkle though was given for Jordan last night by friends!
What is a sprinkle?  You know, it's not a shower.  I guess you give it for the third child.  Lucky third child!
I'm a third child and I don't think I got a shower OR a sprinkle! :) Oh well, I made it through without too much damage!
Anyway, I captured a few little pics.  Disappointed that I wasn't just clickin away like I usually do..

a bunch of beauties!

Check out the ADORABLE little diaper cake my sweet DIL made!  Instructions on her blog

One month until baby Cate arrives!
Have a great Monday y'all!

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